1. Q: What is vehicle wrapping?

            A: Vehicle wrapping is the process of covering (wrapping) an entire vehicle, essentially

                    turning it into a mobile     billboard. We specialize in creating custom vinyl wraps

                    for any type of vehicle!

  1. Q: Does my vehicle have to be a certain color?

            A: No, we can print vinyl to match any vehicle type and color.

  1. Q: Will I still be able to see through my windows?

            A: Yes, the window graphics are printed on a perforated vinyl that will allow you to see

                   through your windows, making it completely safe to drive.

  1. Q: Do you wrap the front windows? What about the windshield?

            A: No Ricky Bobby, we cannot wrap windshields or front windows.

  1. Q: Can you wrap the roof?

            A: Yes we can wrap the roof.

  1. Q: Can you wrap a bumper?

            A: Yes, no matter if the bumper is metal or fiberglass we can wrap it.

  1. Q: Do you wrap rims?

            A: Yes, we can wrap rims.

  1. Q: Can you wrap my boat? What about a plane?

             A: We can wrap just about anything.

  1. Q: What if I want my advertising to be visible at night.

            A: We do have a special vinyl available that is better seen at night. Ask us about it!

  1. Q: Can you make custom magnets for my vehicles?

            A: Yes, magnets make a great way to brand a vehicle without using a full wrap.

  1. Q: Why should I wrap my car as opposed to paint or vinyl lettering?

            A: Vehicle wraps are a great way to promote your message and gain attention for

                    your brand. Vinyl letters can sometimes leave “shadows” from the stickers.

  1. Q: What if my company logo or phone number changes in the future?

            A: We can print logos, phone numbers, websites, or any other information as overlays,

                   or can replace just a section of the wrap with the new information.

  1. Q: Do I have to get a full wrap or do I have other options?

            A: We do offer partial wraps and vehicle lettering as well. We can accommodate

                   anything to fit in your budget and specific needs.

  1. Q: Will a wrap damage the paint on my car?

            A: No, when a wrap is professionally installed it will not damage anything on your car.

  1. Q: Can I take it through the car wash?

            A: Technically, you should be fine to take it through the car wash…..

                  But it’s always better to give it a hand wash.

  1. Q: Will my car wrap peel or fade?

            A: The majority of wraps will last 3-5 years.

  1. Q: How much do you charge for a vehicle wrap design?

            A: Each project varies in pricing with the wide range of  vehicle sizes and types.

            Please contact us for a custom quote!


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